Bad and Crazy Korean Drama Review

The fight against the awful assemblyman arrives at a basic stage, with the stakes crawling ever higher. In any case temptation, our saint should pick either getting back to his self-serving ways or keeping up with the mission for justice.A humiliated and culpability ridden Soo-yeol is tidying up in the washroom when he gets a call. It’s Kyung-tae calling from a payphone — he’s recuperated perception, yet he’s being sought after.


We rewind to two hours before In-bum’s death. Staying over a careless Kyung-tae, In-bum had filled a needle with a questionable liquid. As In-bum inclines toward to imbue it into the IV spill, Kyung-tae’s hold hand grasps barely. He’s cognizant, yet he can’t show it. Luckily, he’s saved without a moment to spare by the cops who have returned from their break. In-bum takes his failure out on them, and when he turns, Kyung-tae has evaporated.

In bum notice the open window and floods out of the room, only for the authority entrance to squeak open later he’s gone. Smart treat Kyung-tae had stowed away inside.After glancing through the ecological components absent any real outcome, In-bum gets into his vehicle to give seek after, only for Kyung-tae to face him from the aft guest plan. Holding a careful cutting edge to In-bum’s neck, Kyung-tae solicitations to know whether he killed Yoo-na.

In-bum denies it, then, reveals that the executioner is Assemblyman Do. Kyung-tae doesn’t actually acknowledge that him, so In-bum recuperates a duffel bag from his rec focus and hands over a voice recorder to Kyung-tae. In-bum had recorded Assemblyman Do’s assault on him.

When In-bum jeers that someone like Kyung-tae won’t have the choice to bring Assemblyman Do, in any case hanging out there Kyung-tae counters that he will, then, escapes from the vehicle with the duffel bag. Back in the present, Kyung-tae tells Soo-yeol that he understands who killed Yoo-na, and begs him to help with getting the wrongdoer.

Before Soo-yeol can leave the washroom, Assemblyman Do comes strolling in. He pardons Soo-yeol, who requests that he’ll hold on to see him off. With a smarmy chuckle, Assemblyman Do reminds Soo-yeol that Kyung-tae’s holding on for him, correct.

A while later, Assemblyman Do gets into the road drug specialists’ vehicle. They enlighten him that they’ve managed In-bum and recorded the deed on a phone. In any case, they went through In-bum’s dashcam film and saw him giving over the voice recorder to Kyung-tae. Disappointed, Assemblyman Do orders them to bring Kyung-tae to him.

Hee-gyeom look through Gye-shik out to get some data about the died Min-soo. Enlightening him that Min-soo had been pursuing Assemblyman Do, Hee-gyeom theorizes that Shim Sang-ho, the road drug specialist that killed Min-soo, may have done as such under the assemblyman’s solicitations.

In the meantime, Soo-yeol gets along with Kyung-tae in an empty, deserted office. In a gave up tone, Soo-yeol tells Kyung-tae that there’s nothing they can oversee without evidence or witnesses. Kyung-tae offers In-bum’s recording, but Soo-yeol’s quick to shut it down. No spot in the recording does Assemblyman Do unequivocally yield that he killed Yoo-na. With everything being contingent, they have no affirmation, especially now that In-bum is dead.

Denounced, Kyung-tae apologizes for disturbing Soo-yeol, then, expresses profound gratitude to him for supporting him — Soo-yeol was the really individual he could envision. Soo-yeol exasperatedly reminds Kyung-tae that he’s being illustrated for manslaughter; he ought to worry about himself, not others. Kyung-tae apologizes again, and Soo-yeol mumbles that the weak should pick the choice to apologize and bow.

Outside, Soo yeol surveys how he relinquished his regard to stoop before Assemblyman Do. Drearily, he makes a choice to the assemblyman. Before long, Assemblyman Do’s utilized road drug specialists are entering Soo-yeol’s old office. Kyung-tae mixes to a whole gathering of men, who move aside to let Assemblyman Do through. Following behind is a dour Soo-yeol, who can’t meet Kyung-tae’s sold out look.

His eyes shining with unshed tears, Kyung-tae asks disbelievingly how Soo-yeol could do this to him. Soo-yeol enlightens Assemblyman Do that this spot will be deserted till dawn, and Assemblyman Do orders his men to hold on outside.

He tells Kyung-tae to plunk down so they can talk, and when Kyung-tae doesn’t agree, he pushes ahead onto the table to kick him down. Acting mishandled, Assemblyman Do solicitations to know why Kyung-tae is bringing on some issues for him.

Likewise, Kyung-tae asks with regards to whether he killed Yoo-na, but Assemblyman Do prominently lies that he doesn’t have even the remotest clue about her in any way shape or form. Laughing joyfully, he points out that Kyung-tae has no confirmation.

Soo-yeol adventures forward, pushing Kyung-tae down to take the voice recorder from him. Narcissistically, Assemblyman Do says that he followed Kyung-tae down considering the way that he seemed to have no objective of giving up, so he’ll deal with him.

Holding Kyung-tae set up, Assemblyman Do orders Soo-yeol to hand him one of his golf clubs. Assemblyman Do passes on a merciless beating to Kyung-tae, while Soo-yeol watches with a frown.

Flashback: Hee-gyeom tests a downsized camera, then, gets it into Soo-yeol’s jacket. Charitable, thank sky — Soo-yeol’s conspicuous unfaithfulness was immensely significant for the game plan! Jae-sun voices his reservations, but not actually settled forever to claim it. This started because of him, so he feels that he should resolve it.

In the present, Kyung-tae is beaten silly and wriggling intensely. Getting a handle on at Assemblyman Do’s lower leg, Kyung-tae corn supper out that he’ll get him notwithstanding it takes, enraging Assemblyman Do. Getting a handle on Kyung-tae’s collar, he rains terrible punches down on him.

Jae-sun can’t endure paying attention to the beating any more drawn out and moves to barge in, yet Hee-gyeom stops him. Expecting they interfere now, Assemblyman Do may be blamed for assault.

Barely aware, Kyung-tae presses out that whether or not he dies, reality that the assemblyman is an amazing will eventually be revealed. Finally losing it, Assemblyman Do stomps on Kyung-tae’s battered body, yelling that he knows next to nothing concerning why he killed that woman.

Soo-yeol and the gathering immediately snap to thought, as Assemblyman Do hollers that he’s sure he killed Yoo-na since she reserved the option to fail miserably. Furious and totally proposing to kill Kyung-tae also, he winds up for a punch, just to be kicked aside by Soo-yeol.

Soo-yeol shouts that it’s over for Assemblyman Do, then, rushes to mind Kyung-tae. Hearing the ruckus, the road drug specialist returns and rapidly handles Soo-yeol to the ground. He helps Assemblyman With doing up, and they make a run for it. Miserably, Kyung-tae tendencies Soo-yeol to go seek after Assemblyman Do, and to get him in any case. Soo-yeol ensures that he will.

Going through the streets, Soo-yeol finally compensates for some recent setbacks to Assemblyman Do, who smiles subsequent to seeing that Soo-yeol’s far off from every other person. The road drug specialist slips on knuckle fortifications and punches Soo-yeol until he collapses.

Assemblyman Do trusts he’s won, until Soo-yeol staggers to his feet. Hollering that the spot scents of a junk smell because of Assemblyman Do, Soo-yeol’s face gleams forward and backward until we see K in his place.

K deals with the road drug specialist, then, seeks after Assemblyman Do until they appear at a stalemate. Before K can do anything, in any case, Soo-yeol leaves him dumbfounded. He wants to take it from here — he really has a score to settle with Assemblyman Do for how he humiliated him.

Venturing towards Assemblyman Do, Soo-yeol declares that he’s set to be secured for the crime of Jung Yoo-na and the assault of Officer Oh Kyung-tae. He tells Assemblyman Do that the person who kicked him in the face truly would him say him wasn’t, yet this time? It’s him.

With that, Soo-yeol hits Assemblyman Do square right in the noggin, sending him making a trip to the ground. Watching from behind, the side of K’s lips trademark up in a little, happy smile.

Support appears, and Kyung-tae’s wheeled into a crisis vehicle on a bunk amidst Soo-yeol’s focused on drifting. Hee-gyeom observes that Soo-yeol has changed of late, so Jae-sun pushes her to rejoin with Soo-yeol. That secures himself a headlock, ha.

The next day, the news is giving insights about Assemblyman Do’s infringement. Recuperating from his injuries, Kyung-tae gives a gathering in the center, which In-sun sees on the TV. Aw, he’s wearing her clover wristband, and In-sun enlightens in the wake of seeing it.

Some time later, Soo-yeol visits In-sun. Kyung-tae’s there also, and the two wave excitedly in the wake of seeing Soo-yeol. Close by Jae-sun and Yoo-na’s kin, they set up a barbecue lunch on the rooftop. In-sun merrily deals with wraps to Kyung-tae and Soo-yeol, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

Inside, Soo-yeol shows In-sun the video message that her mother had left for her. He closes the method for giving her security, and In-sun cries as she hears her mother’s final words to her.

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